Cristian Galang
What is the occupancy classification of an emergency generator building?  The building is 250 sq. ft. and it is dedicated to the house the emergency generator. I'm contemplating Industrial occupancy and Storage occupancy.   Thanks, everyone.
in Building & Life Safety
Derek Gribulis
I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue.  I have a building that is 60 feet tall except the elevator penthouse is 67 feet tall  According to the building code, I can use an NFPA 13R sprinkler system.  The Building code official has come back with a comment that in the 2013 NFPA 13R code book section 1.1 states that a building… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
Bob Allingham
According to NFPA 58, the minimum clearance for a relief valve to a source of ignition is 5 ft for an exchange cylinder, and 10 ft for a tank filled on site. It was always my understanding that if a cylinder that COULD be filled on site was swapped for an exchange cylinder, the 5 foot rule no longer applies and must be 10 ft. I really need an… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
James Johnson
I want to use rigid pipe for conduit in a residential setting, but I want to use the unions/joints and flanges used with black pipe used with gas lines. If I run romex through, is this acceptable to codes
in Electrical
Michael Merriex
I have recently inherited the research and education side of compliance for my University hospital campus. I have very good knowledge base for my hospital, and know that there is a significant difference between what is needed for compliance in a hospital vs. what is required for compliance in an education & research setting. NFPA 101 has an… (Show more)
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Melvin Read
We are opening our New hospital soon and I have a question regarding Fire Extinguisher signs.   I believe we fall under NFPA 10 2010.   Is it required to place signage on doors of rooms that have Fire Extinguishers inside the room.  For example:  A small machinery room has a fire extinguisher inside.  Is it required to have a sign on the door?
in Fire Protection Systems
Anantha Krishnan
We have a newly installed wet sprinkler  system . The sprinklers has been installed before hydro test and flushing. The client is asking to remove the sprinklers citing NFPA. is it anywhere mentioned in NFPA ? If so pls mention the clause . 
in Code Enforcement
Fred Durso
Here's another tool you can use to promote to the public just how quickly home fires can become deadly and the effects home fire sprinklers have in controlling them.   The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition has animated its popular home fire timeline via a new video. The new video can be a great accompaniment to your public education endeavors and… (Show more)
in Public Education
Shamil Bawa
Dear All, How to drain automatically diesel from diesel generator when the fire coming? Any need of this method in fire condition? Is any method / equipment regarding this in NFPA? In this case diesel tank coming with generator bottom side. 
in Fire Protection Systems
James Brunner
Does anyone have a good rundown (presentation/article/reference) that reviews the latest TJC standard updates active Jan 2018. This is in reference to the continued transition to NFPA 2012 LSC.   In my review of the EP's, many were marked as 'new' or 'revised' but it's not completely clear in that 54 pages is of 'utmost importance' or focus.  … (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Maxime Charette
NFPA 13-16 art. Sprinklers shall not be required under obstructions that are not fixed in place, such as conference tables.   Can we apply this article to a mobile mezzanine or Jig, and what could be the maximum acceptable  surface? 
in Fire Protection Systems
Gene Hammerstein
Power company connected power to my power pole which has an Eaton 200 amp main breaker.  I now need to run power to my barn.  Want to install a sub panel inside the barn. The location of where I will be entering the barn is approximately 15 to 20 feet from the power pole.  I know it's over kill but I'm wanting to install a 200 amp panel inside the… (Show more)
in Electrical
Daniel Mauck
Trying to find Table for NM cable allowance in PVC conduit. For a garage, using #12 and #14 NM cable.
in Electrical
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