Noel Hoyt
Purpose: Responsible for mechanical engineering projects from conception through construction, including project management, the establishment of scope, design criteria and program requirements, schematic and conceptual design, final design, construction plans and specifications, bidding and construction award, shop drawing reviews, construction… (Show more)
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Good evening all!    NFPA 110, Article mentions that a remote stop switch is necessary for generators.  Does anyone know if this switch has to be a physical one or can it be an electronic one?  Our site has one on a user interface screen, but not a physical, mechanical button.  Just want to get a feel for interpretation of the code on… (Show more)
in Electrical
Alvin Abinas
What is the suitable fire alarm (initiating device) for saunas, steam rooms and spas. 
in Building & Life Safety
Alejandro Rivas
In a recent project, during a pre-inspection of the job site, a question was raised regarding the shut down of fans during a fire event. In an ICU unit, contained within a single smoke compartment, the isolation fan for the AII rooms must be kept running during the fire event due to health concerns. However, general exhaust fans, contributing just… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
David Michel
I have had zero luck with this but several differing opinions   We were trying to judge the ampacity of an existing cable, 3 conductors 500KCM in one jacket or cable.   This cable is attached to building rafters, about 10 ft between rafters and the cable is surrounded by air above below beside and is indoors near roof  no other conductors  …  … (Show more)
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Kimberly Pabor
Does a sofa fabric used in a hotel need to pass NFPA 260?  Is this stated somewhere in ada or florida building code?
in Building & Life Safety
Eric Boisvert
NFPA code Chapter 400 relative to proximity of equipment, valves, etc, of dissimilar chemicals. Particularly Sulfuric acid 93% and Sodium Hydroxide 50%.
in Industrial Hazards
Magdalena Hurwitz
The Public Education seemed to be the best forum available for this topic so if it should be in a different one, let me know how to move it over.   Our community is looking into making biochar out of the wildfire debris as we become a Firewise Community. We live in California, so Air Quality is heavily regulated here and I will have to find out… (Show more)
in Public Education
Ayyappan v
In one of our project with US Navy, our consultant ask us to install the Access Door of Fire Damper in the Upstream Side of FD? Is there any technical reason, Refer the attached detail.
in Building & Life Safety
Francois Halle
Recently a salesman inform us that for now on, fire helmets will expirate after 5 years. previousy it was10  I look into NFPA 1971 and 1851 but didn't find anything about that Somebody can tell me were to find the infos ? Thanks mail :
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Eric Hildebrand
I am having a very difficult time trying to locate the information needed for NFPA requirements for testing divisional valves or gate valves. Does anyone have a reference? Something that I could look up or find the information I'm looking for? Thanks
in Fire Protection Systems
Juan Carlos Leiva
Dear Friends,   Someone has information on how to cross a seismic expansion joint in a seismically isolated building. The problem is that the dilatation measure is 20 inches, and we need to cross it with 6" piping. Best regards, Juan Leiva From Chile
in Fire Protection Systems
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