Jessica Miriga
Our company wants to get training to become certified to clean/decontaminate fire fighter soft goods (we have a large commercial Esporta machine). Upon my many hours of research, it looks like we need to take a certification class that is provided by a Verified third party Independent Service Provider. Does anyone know which ISP providers are… (Show more)
in Emergency Response
casey olson
Can anyone please help with the NEC code reference number were is states that #6 awg. and smaller has to be a continuous color for current carrying wires? I can only find the code for the neutral and ground. 
in Code Enforcement
William Anderson
We are running into a labor issue with a recent healthcare survey of loaded sprinkler heads, my question is how are other places handling the maintenance of cleaning sprinkler heads that are loaded with dust? We have the equipment but are not sure on maintenance intervals or staffing responsibility.   We estimate we have around 36k heads in a… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Joe Rotchford
As I understand it, the 13R system can only be installed in Group R. I recently received a sprinkler plan for a school (Group E). The architect insists that a 13R is common practice on the west side of the state if the building is considered a light hazard. In Annex A of the NFPA it evaluates the reasoning for allowing the change from a full 13… (Show more)
in Code Enforcement
David Jones
California-Warehouse wants to use fabric walls and ceiling covering to produce a wine cave experience. Structure is to be have a fire sprinkler system installed new. Even with fabric treatment and certification, cannot locate any code language, CA. Fire Code, State of CA. title 19 or NFPA on limitations on how much covering can be installed or if… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
Rob Plonski
Fellow fire community. I've run up against a conundrum and I'd like some input by others who either actively support laboratories or had supported them in the past. I'm getting a lot of push back from facility management and the users of chemicals - they want to consider chemicals "in-use" if they are left out overnight (or even the weekend)  and… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
Chuck Neeley
Recently I did a fire safety walk through Assisted Living and noticed that some tags were missing on some of the doors and hardware. Is there any way to have the tags replaced without replacing these expensive doors and closers? Any help would be appreciated. 
in Building & Life Safety
Steve Kreigh
I'm looking for the sections of the code which describe the requirements, installation, etc for fire dampers   Also, I like to know when and where fire rated duct wrap is required   The application is in  Vermont, and the building is an old Historical Society building.
in Building & Life Safety
Theresa Lechowski
NFPA 409 Option 4 of 7.1 for Protection of Group II Hangars. (4) A closed-head foam-water sprinkler system in accordance with Section 7.6. 7.6.1 Closed-head foam-water sprinkler systems shall be designed and installed in accordance with NFPA 16. 7.6.2 The minimum discharge density shall be 6.5 L/min.m2 (0.16 gpm/sq. ft.) of foam solution over… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
Andrew Mathis
I am a building inspector.  I have been researching LED lights in closets. They are restricted the same as incandescent lights (12" for surface mounted), while fluorescent lights are considered safer (6"), per NEC 410.16.  The builders in my jurisdiction are questioning the code, saying that LED lights are much cooler than incandescent lights.  I… (Show more)
in Electrical
Eric Ostrom
I'm a maintenance planner at a hydroelectric dam.  Each of our 11 generating unit main step up transformers are protected by a deluge system (1 deluge valve per transformer).  We cannot perform a full flow test without de-energization of the transformer, so we clearly fall under NFPA 25 section, which states that the full flow test… (Show more)
in Fire Protection Systems
Steve Strain
We are working on a airplane hanger in Cincinnati, OH. The hanger is a Type II hanger protected with a closed head fire suppression system and a foam type system with generators to release/activate the foam. My question is to size the fire pump, do you take the more demanding of the of the two systems? In this case the sprinkler demand is 1161gpm… (Show more)
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Thoubeek Rameez
Dear All, Shall we introduce foam concentrate into water by using bladder tank  in  foam fire suppression system for aircraft hangar or we have to use foam pump to introduce foam concentrate into water . In NFPA 409 ,Clause 6.2.7 it states about Foam concentrate pump., my question shall we use bladder tank for the foam system for the aircraft… (Show more)
in Building & Life Safety
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