I have some questions about NFPA 58 / propane installation;   1) Can a liquid line be run along the outside of a house?     2) How long could this line be?     3) This is a small house on a small lot. I would like to know if locating tanks near a flue, fresh air vent and clothes drier would be possible if the vents were extended to near the… (Show more)
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Currently we are building a floor plan that has two combo alarms the living room space. On one side of the living room there’s a master bedroom entry, the other side is a guest bedroom entry space. What are the dimensions for a combo alarm to be installed between a living space and a bedroom space? Can we put one alarm in the middle of the living… (Show more)
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So, just got the NFPA 13 (2019 edition) and came across the some doubts:-   1) stated "....the in-rack sprinkler system shall not be required to be hydraulically balanced with the ceiling sprinkler system". Does this statement mean we dont have to put ceiling sprinklers and rack sprinklers into the system for full hydraulic calculation?… (Show more)
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Good morning,   I would like to ask does for warehouse area there should be Commodity Classification and Occupancy Classification or only Commodity Classification?   Let's imagine we have factory with production area and warehouse area. Production area should have Occupancy Classification, warehouse area should have Commodity Classification.… (Show more)
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I am not a professional in any regard, just a tech hobbyist that contributes on Wikipedia / Stack Exchange / Quora, etc.   Regarding the recent gas explosions in Massachusetts, I am left to wonder how it is that gas technology has been in use for as long as it has, with it managing to escape the same life-safety protection systems that are… (Show more)
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I purchased the NFPA 70E 2018 edition. Has this table been deleted or replaced. If replaced with what?   thank you   Roger
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Section 903.2.8 requires that sprinkler systems be installed throughout all buildings with a group R fire area.  The commentary supports this by clarifying that the sprinkler requirement is for the entire structure not just the R occupancy.   In mixed used commercial, mercantile and Business space with a new introduced/ converted R occupancy is… (Show more)
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In NFPA 13R, Section 6.6.6 & 6.6.8 states that Fire sprinklers are not required in noncombustible elevator shafts where the elevator cars comply with ANSI A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators, and I'm wondering if sprinklers still would not be required in the elevator shaft when a polymer coated lift belt has been installed within the shaft? Because my… (Show more)
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Generally, maximum egress travel path is considered to arrive at the number of stairways in a building. However, queuing time(tq) in front of exit stairway doors in each floor is more critical as it is greater than the time taken for horizontal distance (exit travel path) movement on a floor(td). So why do we not consider tq for the number of… (Show more)
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With the adoption of the new NEC code, inspectors are shutting down projects with LED downlights in drywall ceilings, saying you have to be able to put two hands up in the fixtures at one time or add an access panel for each downlight.     Is that the intent of section 410.24?  If yes, why?  None of the manufacturers we've talked to have been… (Show more)
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Im a manager of Fire/Life Safety in NYC. I was recently asked a question about  fire stairs. Whats the regulations/code as far as the required fire ratings of stair cases in office buildings? where can I find this info?
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I am installing exhaust fans in an industrial plant that is C-I D-I. the  fans will replace passive ridge vents. Each fan will move +30K cfm. In the center of the opening below each fan is a sprinkler head. I have been instructed by the client that they don't want me to provide for FAS shutdown, Its my opinion that the FAS should have shutdown… (Show more)
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I was told you have to allow 30 secs for a door to remain unlock when closed.  It seem to be too long for areas that post as a security breach in a health care facility.  If so where in NFPA 101 can I look for that reference. 
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