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I am doing a code compliance review of a building and am wondering what the requirements are for fire-rated doors for electrical rooms. Does anyone know where in NFPA it would state these requirements?   Thank you!
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NFPA Forumers:   Please refer to the word files attached below.   Basically we have 3 underground containers with ends in line. Not sure about the separation between containers ( 3ft or 10 ft)   Thanks in advance for any help   Aldo Cisternas Senior Enginner Abastible S.A
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New guy here, first post. Per 2018 NFPA 99 para 1.3 Application: This Code shall apply to all health care facilities other than home care and veterinary care.   This is the only use of the word "Veterinary" in NFPA 99.  I can find no AHJ type of criteria requiring separation of these two systems.  Spoke to one of our local Third Party… (Show more)
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New building we just built in Ft Worth went with an all cellular solution for the burg and fire panel.  My goal was to get our other locations updated to cellular only to terminate the landlines.  Got info back from our provider in Dallas County that the fire code allows it but fire marshal does not.  Any locals that can verify this?  Thanks in… (Show more)
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NFPA 130 Section 12.2.1-2 requires installation of fire-resistant low smoke cables for enclosed stations and trainways.    Further, in Section 12.5.3, NFPA 130 defines how fire resistivity rating should be defined - in order to be called fire-resistant (to meet NFPA requirements), cables and raceways must be tested together; however it doesn't… (Show more)
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I have had zero luck with this but several differing opinions   We were trying to judge the ampacity of an existing cable, 3 conductors 500KCM in one jacket or cable.   This cable is attached to building rafters, about 10 ft between rafters and the cable is surrounded by air above below beside and is indoors near roof  no other conductors  … (Show more)
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If a double hung window has the ability to remove both the upper and lower sashes from the inside, does removing both sashes meet the clear opening requirement for escape windows, or does just the lower sash being opened have to meet the requirement?   Or does the need to remove both sashes to gain the clear opening requirement constitute… (Show more)
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I have a question related to hyperbaric chambers (type 2).  I have a physician's office that has installed a single hyperbaric chamber (type 2) in a wound care setting on the ground floor of his practice.  This current unit is supplied through (4) H cylinders located on a adjacent wall.  There is a natural gas fired fireplace located across the… (Show more)
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We have this transformer installed under exterior exit staircase, is there verbiage that states specifically that there cannot be any thing mounted under an exterior exit staircase?
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