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Dear Pro,   i am making a list of the locations the "inspector test connection" is mandatory to be placed as we are getting alot of contractors question of its presence. NFPA 13 states that it shall be installed where there is an alarm check valve. The alarm test connection shall be permitted to be installed in any location

Hi I have 4 no's warehouse in a single compound. Each warehouse having 230 no's of sprinklers with 6" Main Riser Pipes & 6" Zone Control Valve Assembly each. Each of these 6" risers are connected from 8" header pipe from the Fire Pump.   Should i need to install Alarm Check Valves in each warehouse or is it enough to install one 8"
New installation - I have metal light poles within 5-feet of the pool, 8-foot high.  Believe it or not, I can't find where this is prohibited in the new, Article 680.  I have some questions:   Q1 - Is the light pole (together with the fixture) considered a "luminaire?"  The definition of luminaire is the light source, "
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Where is the installation of lightening protection systems for a building located in NFPA 70?   The only article I can find that closely resembles lightening protection is article 810 which says it is for radio and television equipment.   Is this article only for radio and television equipment or is it also for lightening protection
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Hi everyone, another question here.    I already know under CFC Table 1104.18, the maximum common path limit is 100 ft for any S type building. However, I have already heard it twice from other FPEs that it is 150 ft. I even spoke with a high pile storage company that installs racks, that said 150' is permissible.    My