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Good day, I need someone help me with the minimum size for a class II standpipe and branch lines. According to NFPA 14 7.6.1 class I and class III standpipe shall be at least 4 in. I have a class II design (by others) with standpipe of 3 in and branch lines with 2 in. I need to approve these drawings with the local authority (Panama) and they
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We have an issue with a man who built a homemade spray room in his tenant space of a shopping mall. It has no ventilation and he is blocking sprinkler heads with storage. The walls are covered with visqueen and the floor is covered with cardboard and more visqueen. He uses this area to paint custom picture frames with spray paint and
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I have installed three solar arrays on three different buildings. Each array has its own disconnect located on each building. The three buildings are not close to each other. All buildings are on one meter.  Our electric company says we need a main disconnect that will turn off all three arrays at once. This will add a lot of expense to this