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James Johnson
I want to use rigid pipe for conduit in a residential setting, but I want to use the unions/joints and flanges used with black pipe used with gas lines. If I run romex through, is this acceptable to codes

Melvin Read
We are opening our New hospital soon and I have a question regarding Fire Extinguisher signs.   I believe we fall under NFPA 10 2010.   Is it required to place signage on doors of rooms that have Fire Extinguishers inside the room.  For example:  A small machinery room has a fire extinguisher inside.  Is it
Cathy Longley
Honolulu Civil Beat photo   People are simultaneously scratching their heads and breathing a sigh of relief about what occurred in Hawaii this weekend. What happened? Why is Hawaii insistent on safety drills and test warnings? Why the delay in retracting the alert? How did citizens react? The notification snafu in Hawaii did not pertain
Michael Merriex
I have recently inherited the research and education side of compliance for my University hospital campus. I have very good knowledge base for my hospital, and know that there is a significant difference between what is needed for compliance in a hospital vs. what is required for compliance in an education & research setting. NFPA 101 has an
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Gene Hammerstein
Power company connected power to my power pole which has an Eaton 200 amp main breaker.  I now need to run power to my barn.  Want to install a sub panel inside the barn. The location of where I will be entering the barn is approximately 15 to 20 feet from the power pole.  I know it's over kill but I'm wanting to install a 200 amp